New items of interest to members:

  • Co-Op Toyota at 267 Argyle Street, Hobart are offering the following to TIBA members:
  • Gold Fleet discount on all cars bought from us.
  • Dealer delivery will be dropped from $2199.00 to $1577.50.
  • Any additional help from Toyota Australia will be passed on to members.
  • Discount rate on vehicle servicing through Co-Op Toyota at Argyle Street.
  • Discount on vehicle accessories including toolboxes.
  • Assistance with set up of Blue Tooth and connection to mobile phone.
  • Access to the Business Manager on site who can assist members with regards to financing the purchase.
  • Member deals on vehicle accessories.

This offer is exclusive to Co-Op Toyota and members must deal with the Fleet Manager,Kevin Phillips on either 62301917 or 0457338275 mention that you’re a TIBA member for you to receive these discounts.

Members must produce their TIBA membership card to receive Co-Op Toyota discounts.

Members can refer their family / friends / subcontractors to Co-Op Toyota quotingtheir TIBA membership number.

Please let me know if you need any additional information.

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We have some truly exciting and game-changing news for you and yourbusiness!

We all know that we should employ an Apprentice but let’s face it… the red tape just makes it ALL TOO HARD

That is… until now!

T.I.B.A. have been in discussions with Leanne Wallace (General Manager) and Dallas Harding (Business Consultant) at Work & Training Ltd and together, we have come up with a solution THAT WILL WORK – we just need your support and commitment.

It works like this:

Work & Training recruits and selects the Apprentice according to agreed requirements.
The Apprentice is employed by Work & Training and hosted to your business for the complete duration of a project.

Once a project is completed, the Apprentice moves on to another “host” within the T.I.B.A. group to gain more experience and continue their apprenticeship…. Unless, by then you can’t do without them… you might negotiate to keep them with you, still employed by Work & Training.


The paperwork, the training schedule, liaising with the training institute, monitoring training and mentoring and of course any bumps in the road.

Work & Training are the largest employer of trainees and apprentices in Tasmania, they operate this way in multiple industries but with Dallas Harding on board, we have a dedicated Business Consultant who is a specialist in our business, and we have Leanne Wallace, General Manager of Work & Training completely involved in this new relationship.

No bells and whistles, no hidden agendas, Work & Training really do take care of everything from the employer side of things.


  • Apprentice wages and Superannuation costs.
  • Training Fees (Registered Training Organisation fees).
  • Protective Clothing.
  • All relevant insurances – Including workers compensation Insurance and Long Service Leave Levy.
  • Public Holiday’s / Annual / Sick/Carer’s/Compassionate Leave as per relevant award or agreement
  • Management of all necessary government contract and training requirements

Contact Sharon on 0417106526 or email for more details.